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The Lady in Red

Perhaps the greatest fear of any woman (with the exception of Heidi Klum) is the horrifying and frightening task of buying a bikini. I know this fear firsthand; the unforgiving fluorescent lights at the department store, the countless tops and bottoms that either reveal too much, enhance too little or highlight every tiny flaw of the human form.

Well, I believe those days may be a thing of the past with the help of a vivacious South Beach designer, by the name of Red Carter.

I met Red at his design studio amidst the endless blue sky and sea line of South Beach. As soon as he opened the door, I knew I was in for a great time. His charisma, wit and personality were instantly contagious and after two minutes I was laughing hysterically.

“I find my inspiration here in Miami,” Red began to explain. “From every little old lady from here to Palm Beach. I’ll turn grandma’s old dress into a bikini.”

But, these are certainly not your grandmother’s bikini. With catchy names like “Listen to Bob Marley” and flashy hand stitched sequence and mirror embellishments, there’s definitely a “little bling,” to every suit Red comments.

“I just want to make bikinis where men look at you, women stare, and you feel sexy all the way down to your toes. I want you to feel gorgeous. Exquisite quality, craftsmanship, and unusual prints and patterns are what set my designs apart. I want people to know you’re wearing my product.”

And indeed they will. Every suit comes with a little signature Red Carter button placed on the back of the swimsuit bottoms and is packaged in a fashionable, fun and functional plastic red beach bag.

“Each suit comes with removable busts pads, which are very functional. Double lining and zigzag tailoring provide even coverage and support. Trust me, I’ve seen a lot of asses in my career and these are the quality details which make my suits such a good fit.”

I decided to put Red’s statements and swimsuits to the test. I took the plunge and tried on several of his signature suits and was overjoyed to discover just how wearable and flattering they were to my less than perfect figure. Similarly, to his designs Red took the time to hand tweak and fit each and every bikini I tried on until we found the perfect fit.

“It’s about pride in your body, whatever your shape and size. I see every suit for a different person. Every person has their own individuality. I want to design a quality suit that makes you look good. Authenticity is your truest form of currency. I want to be the authentic South Beach designer.”

Fine hand detailing, fun and flashy details and quality craftsmanship create the core of Red Carter’s swimwear line. Whether you’re looking for sequence or simplicity, The Red Carter South Beach swimwear line provides customers with a stand out and stunning selection.  Red Carter’s swimwear line is available throughout the United States, for a complete list please visit

Miami area stores include:

Caterina Lucci-south beach
760 Ocean Dr #4
(305) 534 6187

Rebel-Biscayne Blvd Mermaids-South Miami
6669 Biscayne Blvd 7328 Red Road
(305) 758 2369 (305) 662 8621

Aura-Coral Gables Flash-Bal Harbor
257 Miracle Mile 9700 Collins Ave
(305) 444 6744 (305) 868 4465

Parigi- Merick Park Joyella-Miami Beach
360 Avenue San Lorenzo 841 Lincoln Road
(305) 567 1996 (305) 531 5338

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