The Luxurious Luca Luca The Luxurious Luca Luca
The Luxurious Luca Luca

Do you long for the feel of sensuous silks, supple leather and seductively smart designs against your skin? If your answer is yes, than the Luca Luca boutique is calling your name.

I recently experienced the designs of Italian born designer, Luca Orlandi firsthand at the boutique’s re-opening launch in Bal Harbour. It was a night filled with cocktails, informal catwalks and captivating creations.

“Luca Luca is a beautiful women’s wear collection. Day wear, evening wear and shoes. It’s a complete collection. What makes the line so special are the beautiful colors Orlandi uses. He’s an Italian born designer and you can see it in the colors he uses, the styles he uses, the silhouettes he uses,” describes President Yildiz Blackstone.

The clothes are sleek, glamorous and soft. For the 2006 Spring/Summer Collection, Orlandi uses silk, satin and chiffon to highlight the feminine form. Like the fabrics, the colors are also soft. Pale purple, whites and beige create a delicate and delicious palette of warmth and light.

“This season found its inspiration in the Mediteranian summer,” Yildiz comments. “The aqua blue colors of the water, the beautiful taupe tan colors of the sand and the beautiful blush color that looks like the sunset, were all sources of inspiration.”

Fabrics are also a source of inspiration for Orlandi. “His family has been in the textile business for centuries and he uses the most exquisite fabrics. The collection can be worn by someone who is twenty years old, or someone who is eighty years old. It’s ageless. The line is for a sophisticated chic woman who loves her body, and is comfortable and confident with herself,” adds Blackstone.

The collection is flowing and feminine. A bias cut blue silk dress gracefully accents a woman as she moves. There is skillful architecture in the way Orlandi utilizes fabric and the female form.

“He loves seeing a woman feminine. The way he drapes the clothes, he uses a bias cut a lot which allows the body to come out, his inspiration is the woman,” Blackstone says. “He emphasizes the beauty of a woman in every design he creates.”

Carefully constructed details are also a signature of Orlandi’s designs. Perfectly placed ribbon ties, satin braiding and georgette panels accent each piece of his intricate collection with flair and fun.

“It’s the details,” Blackstone says smiling. A jacket is not only a jacket, it is the details he uses. The buttons, the silk lining, where it hits the body so the legs look longer; he’s an engineer when it comes to cut.”

Designer Luca Orlandi is certainly an aesthetic architect. His 2006 Spring/Summer Collection embodies all that is functional and feminine. If you’re looking for luscious and lovely designs, Luca Luca is certainly your long awaited paradise of luxury.

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