Saeed Younan:  Re-Mixed Saeed Younan:  Re-Mixed
Saeed Younan: Re-Mixed

Saeed Younan’s debut artist production album, Saeed Younan Re-Mixed is a seamless blend of house, techno and percussive grooves with a building momentum and a tribal infused backbone.

Re-Mixed features the talented repertoire that Younan has come to signify as a DJ, producer and remixer. Younan’s original productions and remixes are featured on the album, as well as, his skills behind the decks.

The track selection is an eclectic mix, including BPT’s “Moody,” Club 69’s “Warm Leatherette” and Suzanne Palmer’s “Sound Of The Drums.” “The Underground” (exclusive to the album) and his own “You Know I’ve Got It,” create a mix of sultry tribal elements infused with a heart pumping rhythmic core .

A native of Washington DC, Younan grew up listening to a variety of ethnic music. As a result, his musical sound resonates with percussive beats and tribal rhythms. His production has been dubbed “Timeless” by top DJ’s and even referred to as “a change of heart for dance music.” His vision is clear, yet simply stated; “I just want people to enjoy my music as much as I enjoy playing it for them.”

Younan has headlined at prominent clubs across the globe in places such as Space and Cream (Ibiza, Miami), Pacha (Argentina, Israel, and Spain), Cave, Acabus (Dominican Republic), +Soda, and Venue (Greece), Vinyl, and Avalon (New York), Womb, (Tokyo), Sona (Montreal), and Boa (Toronto).

In addition to Re-Mixed, Younan has released 2 mixed compilations: Tide Edit and Addictive Beats. These compilations showcase not only Saeed’s tribal sound, but also his deep and minimal side for tightly engineered mixes. Younan’s compilations illustrate the talent that he possesses for all aspects of performance and production.

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Patrocinio Beltran – “Too Far”
Suzanne Palmer – “Sound Of The Drum”
Stephan M & Nicky Scanni Feat. Nadia – “Go Deeper”
BPT Feat. DM Binxter – “Moody”
Saeed Younan – “Rock The Rhythm”
Ariel G – “Behold Malfunction”
C&M Production – “True House”
Celeda – “The Underground” (Exclusive unreleased remix)
Saeed Younan – “You Know I Got It”
DJ Wady – “Mazka”
Club 69 – “Warm Leatherette”
Krypz – “I Love The Bass”
Sumantri Feat. Plural – “How Does it Feel”
Tom Sawyer – “Freedom”

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