Greenskeepers album, Polo Club
Greenskeepers album, Polo Club Greenskeepers album, Polo Club
As individuals, guitarist/keyboard maestro Mark Share, electro-percussionist James Curd, microphone banter master Nick Maurer, and bassist Coban Rudish are fine musicians, humans even, but in the greater order, they are mere mortals. Together, they are the Greenskeepers —a band of brothers and an ordinance of auditory assault. Not to be confined by any box, the band barely balked at the overwhelming success of their underground hit “Lotion,” from their second album Pleetch, and the accompanying mash-up video that continues to delightfully infest computer screens across the globe.

Instead, the collective returned to the Chicago studio to create seventeen interstellar tracks featuring the band’s signature guitar-driven sonic hooks and unpredictable vocals. Polo Club, marks an unforeseen level of musical progression and a testament to the power of four.

Polo Club is the culmination of two years of touring the world as a cohesive unit. “We wanted to focus on working within the band itself and making a record that showcases what we do live.” says James Curd. “When we sat down and thought of how we wanted the new record to sound we all agreed it would be fun to use Lotion as our starting point. We kept telling ourselves, ‘More Guitars!’” The end result is a collection of songs that perfectly captures the insane genius and singular sound of the Greenskeepers.

The first two singles, “Polo Club” and “15 Minutes,” spotlight the new boundaries the Greenskeepers are breaking. Polo Club is a high-octane pop-punk joyride brimming with the infectious energy the band is known for. The more thought-provoking 15 Minutes captures the ‘Keepers’ ability to write a well crafted song.

Polo Club also includes a special bonus CD featuring Greenskeepers’ remixes and original tracks
mixed live at Love (NYC) by James Curd.

New 12” Single “Polo Club” / “15 Minutes” featuring remixes by The Rapture, Tommie Sunshine and Derrick Carter coming soon!

Tracklisting :
Disc One: Polo Club
01 Polo Club
02 15 Minutes
03 Indecision
04 NY Lady
05 Bedtime
06 I Want a New Drug
07 A Week Ago
08 Bloodclots
09 Coconuts
10 LDOE “Crimes” (Greenskeepers Remix)
11 Alphabet Man
12 Love Lobotomy
13 Martini Lunches
14 MPC Ghost
15 Lights of Fire
16 Cowboy
17 The Chair

Disc Two: Bonus Mix CD by James Curd
01 GK feat. J-Dub “Ocean Floor”
02 East Coast Boogiemen feat. DJ Heather “Picture of You” (GK Remix)
03 GK “Good Bye”
04 Iz & Diz “Mouth” (GK Remix)
05 GK “New York Lady” (Smooth Mix)
06 GK “Alphabet Man (Shine On Remix) ;
07 GK “Bedtime” (Weirdtime Remix)
08 LDOE “Crimes (GK House Remix)
09 GK “Man in the House” (911 Remix) ;
10 GK “Go” (No Assembly Firm Remix)
11 GK “A Week Ago” (Disappeared Mix”
12 One Fingered Pocket Feat. Princess Superstar “Pussy” (GK Remix)
13 Tracey Cooper “Are You Hip” (James Curd Remix)
14 Project Kids “Family Clones” ;
15 GK “Serve ‘Um Up”
16 GK “Prescription”
17 GK feat. J-Dub “On The Line” (Members Only Remix)

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