The After Hours
Writer John Zur offers a refreshing take on modern life in his debut novel, The After Hours.

“I had to look no further than my own environment,” Zur comments. “I surround myself with those who I find common ground with in defending their convictions, standing up against immoral ways of the world."

"I began writing such a testament one vivid night, after work, after the routine that became a weekend night. And I expanded on these routines. And I elaborated. And within four months after scratching out the perspective of one night’s events at work, my first novel, titled The After Hours, had come full circle with a story that I feel I achieved perfection with,” Zur states.

Philosophical. Social. Political. Satirical. Psychological. The After Hours tells the story of a young man who finds fault with the world’s materialistic and immoral ways. As a result, sentiment festers within the protagonist and his peers to turn to acts of violence, trying to change the world and pacify anti-societal rage, turning against the culture they feel trapped inside of.

This game of John’s becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy which tests his faith in God and himself. It is not until John understands his true nature that he tries to change for the better, but by that point it may be too late, as the apocalyptic ending that he has feared has come to life.

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The After Hours

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