The Keys Project, By Artist Antonia Wright
The Keys Project, By Artist Antonia Wright
“B.Y.O.K” - Bring Your Old Keys
Hosted By 7th Circuit Productions & The Moksha Family Space

228 NE 59th Street
Miami, FL 33137

7th Circuit Productions & The Moksha Family Space presents The Keys Project, an interactive exhibition by Antonia Wright. The exhibition invites all to B.Y.O.K. or Bring Your Old Keys to the opening reception on Friday, June 16, 2006 at 8pm at 228 NE 59 Street.

The Keys Project began when Miami native Antonia Wright moved to New York a few years ago to pursue her master of fine arts degree from the New School. One night while she was walking with some friends, Wright noticed a key on the ground.

“I remember looking down and whispering, ‘Who owns you?’ and then continued walking,” Wright said. Over the next few weeks she noticed more keys until she started picking them up and collecting them.

“It was like finding a lost dog or something. It was almost as if the keys wanted me to be their owner.” The keys multiplied, and Wright’s growing obsession led her to question the meaning of the keys, their representative value, and the direct link between people and keys.

Wright expanded her quest for keys with a goal of collecting 8 million keys to represent the amount of people in New York City. After posting an Internet ad that simply stated “Artist Needs Keys Please,” they poured in through the mail, and Wright started traveling around the city, taking Polaroid pictures of the donating person and their key.

Several experiences of interviewing people about their keys exponentially expanded the Keys Project beyond simply collecting a representative amount of keys. She has since collected thousands of keys and their owners' stories in New York and in here in Miami. “I like to think that for every key I take, I’m opening another door,” Wright said.

The Keys Project explores the literal and symbolic relationships of keys in people’s lives. Through photography and poetry, the exhibition connects people to keys. Become part of the exhibition via photograph with your old key at the opening reception.

B.Y.O.K is a party in the name of keys. It is an art opening but instead of an opening of a new show it is an opening of ourselves. Purge yourself of old keys and locked doors. Expect pictures, music performances, drinks and dancing and the celebration of keys.

7th Circuit Productions & The Moksha Family Space is located at 228 NE 59th St. Miami, FL 33127. Tel: 305-757-7277

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The Keys Project, By Artist Antonia Wright

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