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On May 23, 2006 Judge Jules - one of the most popular DJs on the planet and currently ranked in the top 10 DJ Magazine poll of The World’s Most Popular DJs - released his much anticipated debut artist album Proven Worldwide. Combined, with his recently released mix-CD The Global Warm-up, this is the first domestically released material from Judge Jules since his classic Journeys By DJ mix CD set was released on Moonshine in 1993.

Born in 1965 with the proper name Julius O'Riordan and educated at the London
School of Economics where he studied law, Judge Jules took his stage name from his legal background. He began his music career as a DJ on early London pirate radio station KISS-FM before he joined global BBC Radio 1 in 1997, where he now has a regular Saturday night show called “The Weekend Warm-Up.” The Global Warm-Up mix CD is titled after this radio show that also is simulcast on Sirius Satellite Radio in the states.

Judge Jules is responsible for launching many huge dance tunes and acts via his
UK radio show, and is a pioneer for commercial contemporary dance music. He is crossing over into the North American territory as a producer issuing his debut
solo artist album, Proven Worldwide.

His past productions have appeared under the name Hi-Gate where he scored a top 10 hit in the UK in 2000 with the song “Pitchin’ (In Every Direction).” His first single off his solo album “So Special” is already Top 15 on the U.S. Dance Radio and Club Play Charts and looks to be a commercial crossover success for the summer of 2006.

Beyond his radio show, Judge Jules is best known for his legendary DJ residency
on Ibiza, Spain called “Judgement Sundays.” The night runs for the entire
summer season, and as well as being the main resident DJ at this night, he also
promotes it. Because of the work involved, Jules has a second home in Ibiza as
well as owning the restaurant “Kasbah” on the island. Recently, due to his longterm knowledge of the island, CNN featured him in an interview about Ibiza on a travel digest of where to stay, what to do and when to go.

The full tracklisting for the 12-song original artist album set Proven Worldwide includes…

1. AlmaFe
2. Ordinary Day
3. So Special
4. Keeps On Slipping
5. Without Love
6. Puesta Del Sol
7. The Night You Kept Me Warm
8. Diversion
9. Keep Me Running
10. Requiem For Rascals
11. The Serpent
12. Rumble

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DJ Judge Jules

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