Designer Mirla Sabino
Designer Mirla Sabino
Designer Mirla Sabino's Swimsuit Collection

Agua de Coco, or “coconut water” in Portuguese, also translates into bright colors, sexy cut-outs, vivid prints, lush textures, and fun embellishments of shells and stones. Four years ago, designer Mirla Sabino was brought on board by Agua de Coco swimwear to tailor their products to the international market.

Today, “Agua de Coco by Mirla Sabino” is exclusively distributed in numerous countries throughout the world. Achieving notoriety for a great swimsuit company outside of Brazil proved to be a fun challenge for Brazilian born Sabino, who used her “carioca” beach roots to fine tune the style of her garments to enhance the best features and bring out the glamour of the women of different nations.

Shortly after, Mirla Sabino met renowned Brazilian swimwear designer Clecia Basso, with whom she shares similar designing perspectives and together launched their own brand named ANK.

ANK means “the first breath of life,” the line, inspired by the Middle East, is bursting with earthy colors, sultry patterns, rich prints, and elaborate details of embroidery, sequence, and mosaic-like beads.

Both lines have been featured in major international magazines including Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, Marie Claire, Elle, and Brazilian Vogue. “I’ve always loved fashion…” says Sabino “…as a kid I loved to spend my weekends in a bathing suit.”

ANK became a vehicle for designer Mirla Sabino to demonstrate her childhood inspirations of the tropical and glamorous “beach fashion” alive in all of Rio de Janeiro, the birthplace for what we know of as a “bikini” today.

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