Midtown Miami
Midtown Miami
Midtown Miami: Revitalizing Downtown

Midtown Miami is Miami’s first city-within-a-city concept and the new hot trend in town. Located just north of downtown Miami, it comprises an 18-block stretch. Already being dubbed SoHo South, in reference to the famous neighborhood in New York City, Midtown Miami will be a place where residents and visitors alike will gravitate to.

Embodying Real Urbanism, Midtown Miami will feature a mix of residential and retail across 28 acres and a newly created grand boulevard.

The new urban utopia, complete with cobblestone streets in a pedestrian-friendly setting, will comprise approximately 3,000 condominium residences, lofts, penthouses and apartments, interspersed with street-level cafes, shops, sidewalks, and benches.

Midblock is in the heart and soul of Midtown Miami, Miami’s neighbohood where high architecture intersects a vibrant city culture. Interesting spaces and cantilevered walls give Midblock a distinct profile that balances the transition between the surrounding high-rise residences and low-rise retail. e glass rotunda, a neighborhood beacon, sits atop a recessed pedestrian base that creates an intimate relationship with the action and retail that’s happening on the streets. A pedestrian arcade, from Midtown Blvd to Market Street, is a mix of green¬markets, street fairs and people watching. is is a true city, with a great kinship between companionship and privacy.

Midblock’s retail includes restaurants, cafes, a bank, New York-style deli, cleaners, everything you would expect in a great city neighborhood. And this is really the city – not a mall, not a strip center, but an alive, energetic city where people walk to the store, walk to get the newspaper, walk to dinner, walk to see their friends.

The most surprising new spot on the block is the 11-story Midblock. An intriguing selection of lofts, townhomes and tower units are designed with wide-open spaces, floor-to-ceiling glass, great layouts and great Midtown views. It’s the perfect city mix. Lofts range in size from 1,200 to 2,600 square feet, townhomes are 1,350 to 1,555 square feet and the tower residences are 800 to 1,800 square feet. Lots of room, lots of light, lots of energy. Exhilarating views of the Midtown cityscape highlight Midblock’s residences, where you are not high above it, but intimately close to it all.

For more information, please visit www.midtownmiami.com

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